Pyramid Aquafloating
in Los Angeles

The only Aquafloating Pyramid in the Los Angeles area invites you to experience the healing effects of being in a unique sensory deprivation chamber.

What is Aquafloating Pyramid?

It is a unique water treatment in a special pyramid-shaped enclosed pool.

Lying on the surface of the salt water, in complete silence and darkness, you stop receiving any signals from the outside world, the boundaries of your body are blurred, you literally float in weightlessness and maximize your relaxation.

The best gift for a loved one

The best gift for a loved one

A certificate for a Pyramid immersion is not only a pleasant surprise. You give a unique emotion and experience, an opportunity to find solitude and peace of mind, and it will certainly be returned to you.

Why is this service unique?

You completely relax your body and calm your thoughts, floating on the water. You disconnect from the outside world and hear only your breath and heartbeat.

Epson salt is dissolved in the water, which gives a rejuvenating effect, has a positive effect on the hair, skin, nails, and the body.

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You will also disinfect your skin and respiratory tract, as salt vapors are the best remedy for any illness, especially respiratory illnesses.

Pyramid Features

Optimal pool size
(3.5 x 3.5 meters at the base)

Water temperature is maintained at body temperature

Special sound system provides sound with the water

The pyramid is 25 cm
filled with water

Purification of the water by marine pool equipment

Any day of the week and any time of the day you can come for a dive

What will a visit to the Pyramid do for you?

Reduces the production of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Increases the production of endorphins, happiness hormones;

Improves physical fitness. Reduces the likelihood of stroke by lowering blood pressure and normalizing heart rate and heart rhythm;

Helps you break free of bad habits and phobias. Promotes healthy motivations. Develops a deep rapport with yourself;

Improves your sleep. Two hours of floating is a better rest than a whole night of sound sleep.

Answers to the most popular questions

No, you won’t! The depth of the pool = 25 cm. Even if you fall asleep and decide to roll over on your side in your sleep, a conditioned reflex will make your body wake up as soon as you move. Tested many times!

Yes, the size of the capsule allows you to sit comfortably without touching each other, so you both can and should, because diving together strengthens the emotional connection between partners. The main thing is to make sure that your spouse does not violate your boundaries and your silence.

The answer is as simple as possible – nothing. The Pyramid space has everything you need from both personal hygiene products and clothing. Take the right attitude with you, that will be enough!

The hygienic nature of the procedure is ensured by filtering equipment and regular replacement of the solution. After each visitor, the solution undergoes multi-level filtration using a sea pool cleaning system (with charcoal, quartz sand and UV irradiation).

Individual intolerance to Epsom salts;

Menstrual and other types of bleeding;

Extensive lesions and open wounds of the skin;

Infectious diseases;


Ear diseases (otitis media, ruptured eardrums, etc.);

Serious heart disease (angina, recent heart attack);

Alcohol, drug intoxication;

Claustrophobia (although this point is debatable – there are known cases of getting rid of this phobia by visiting a float chamber).

Shower, toilet, sink with hot water and soap, big mirror, towels and bathrobes, comfortable sofa, warm window sills and warm floor, delicious tea, drinking water, fresh air and nice view from the window – all this is already included in the price and will be at your disposal for the entire visit.

Massage - the best complement to a dive

A massage session allows you to maximize your relaxation in the chamber. You may choose from:

Relaxing. Relieves local tensions, bringing you out of stress and filling your body with energy. 1 hour.

Tibetan bowls. Sound and vibration massage with Tibetan singing bowls, allowing restoration of the body’s energy balance. 1 hour.

Energetic. A set of special actions, allowing to restore and harmonize the flows in the body, eliminate physical and energetic disturbances. 1 hour.

Immerse yourself or your loved one in the Pyramid

Our masters recommend starting the procedure with a massage for full flotation effect, and we will give you a nice discount when you buy package immersion + massage! The cost of a basic hour of immersion – $150

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